About GolfGG

Just a regular bloke, battling to make my dream of an affordable at home golf swing simulator come true.
After realizing the excessive costs of other setups, I was determined to find a way to bring affordability to the golf simulation scene. 
After relentless hours trying to find a reasonable business to deck out my smaller yard for a golf simulation area it just didn’t seem possible, every place was quoting me thousands upon thousands of dollars. 

I set to work designing an affordable, free standing cage strong enough to handle my 200 meter drives (Big hitter, I know) I want everyone to have accessibility to their own high quality, safe & suitable at home golf simulation. Off to the drawing board I went.
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 Cage Development


First thing was first, I needed to create a safe space to swing the club, I went with the measurements 3 meters high, 3 meters wide, 3 meters deep (Insert prototype drawings)

I chose reinforced double polyethylene netting for the back, designed my own reinforced post connections (doesn’t blow away and separate like these cheap nets you see online) with foam protectant on the posts to prevent ball deflection for safety.

I was excited when I put this together, large enough to swing any golf club, catch any shank and prevents those pesky skied drives flying into your neighbors yard!


Driving Mat Development

After developing the free-standing caged net area, my next hurdle was to create a suitable sized, affordable, durable, driving range mat.

I sought multiple samples from manufactures that weren’t up to scratch, however I was able to source & manufacture a heavy weighted, forgiving, durable & affordable 1.5meter x 1.5meter driving range mat.